Archaeocafé Podcast – Episode 7 – Under the sea: An interview with Maddy McAllister

hosted by Otis Crandell

In this episode, I talk with Maddy McAllister about her research in maritime archaeology, underwater archaeology in general, and her work as a senior curator at the Museum of Tropical Queensland.

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Some useful terminology and links

Maritime archaeology
a discipline within archaeology as a whole that specifically studies human interaction with the sea, lakes and rivers through the study of associated physical remains

Underwater archaeology
archaeology practiced underwater

Shipwreck Mermaid [blog]

Museum of Tropical Queensland

Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology

Underwater Cultural Heritage
UNESCO website


About Maddy McAllister

Dr. McAllister’s research as a maritime archaeologist focuses on shipwrecks and underwater archaeology in Australasia, in particular wooden ship construction and site formation processes. Her research involves the visualisation of underwater shipwrecks through the use of underwater 3D photogrammetry and looks at the way that new technology can enhance the information can be learned from sites. Based at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, she is the Senior Curator of Maritime Archaeology at the Queensland Museum Network and at James Cook University, where she manages the maritime archaeological collection. Dr. McAllister is also Vice President of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology.





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— Anthony T. Hincks



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