ArchaeoCafé Podcast – Episode 23 – First-person shoveller: An interview with Alex Martire and Tomás Partiti

hosted by Otis Crandell

In this episode, I talk with Alex Martire and Tomás Partiti about their work on producing video games and apps to teach about archaeology.

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Some useful terminology and links

ARISE (Arqueologia Interativa e Simulações Eletrônicas)
[Interactive Archeology and Electronic Simulations]
A research group at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology (Universidade de São Paulo), whose main objective is the analysis of electronic games from an archaeological point of view as well as the development of interactive electronic applications that assist in the fields of education and museology.

Sambaquis – Uma História Antes do Brasil
[Shell mounds – A history before Brazil]
An adventure style video game set on and around a sambaqui about 3000 years ago. It’s objective is to teach about the past through story telling and game play.

a Brazilian shell mound site, often translated in English as “midden” or “shell midden”. Some are not technically middens (garbage piles) as they appear to have been created specifically for cultural, non-functional purposes.

Arqueologia R.A. – Grupos pré-coloniais de Santa Catarina
[A.R. Archaeology – Precolonial groups of Santa Catarina]
an app that allows the user to view archaeological artefacts of the ancient inhabitants of Santa Catarina in augmented reality.


About Alex Martire

Alex initially studied classical history and later specialised in archaeology. He has published various articles on the combination of virtual reality and archaeology. He currently teaches cyberarchaeology at the Universidade de São Paulo and is the team leader of the ARISE research group.



About Tomás Partiti

Tomás has a background in classical history, numismatics, and archaeology. He is part of the ARISE research group at the Universidade de São Paulo.




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